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My name is Marie Wood and I trade under the name of Mary Myrtle Miniatures. I have been making 1/12th scale dollshouse dolls for many years, and have recently turned my hand to making 1/24th scales dolls aswell.  I have a passion for historical costume, and I find a lot of pleasure in researching the details, to make sure that all the costumes, hairstyles and accessories that I create are historically accurate.  I strongly believe that everything I make should last for a lifetime, so I make sure that every seam is lined and stitched (rather than using glue, which tends to deteriorate over time).  I have also developed certain techniques to make sure that my dolls will keep their hairstyles perfectly in place for many years to come!

Mary Myrtle is actually the name of my grandmother, who was a talented needle-woman.  Although I never got to meet her, I like to think that I inherited some of my needle-work skills from her.  When I first started trading, I decided that I would trade under a family name, rather than my own name, with the idea that it would not exclude other family members from joining the business at any time.  This turned out to be a good choice, as my daughter, Samantha Potter, now makes and sells her award-winning miniature teddy bears under the same name.  My sister, Helen Czyzyk, has also joined us, as she designs and knits all of the miniature knitwear for my dolls.  Even my husband could not resist joining us, and he now makes and finishes beautiful dollshouse furniture, which he sells alongside my dolls, as well as retailing a good selection of dollshouse miniatures.

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